Tuesday 1 January 2013

Janette Miller 2013 New Year's Resolutions

My New Year's resolution in 2012 was to write this Strange Blog almost every day for my grand daughter Alice who lives in Christchurch, that's in the South Island of New Zealand for my geographically challenged friends, and no NZ is not part of Australia. I only see her occasionally as Christchurch is a long way away so I want her to know about her Grannie and her family when I am no longer here to tell her.

These short anecdotes are what I should tell her  about her family if I could. My father did this for me orally and I didn't listen. All those stories about the Second World went in one ear and out the other so this way I shall have it in writing and this is the best it it can be printed out. Also I shall only have to tell it once!

It didn't happen because I was so ill.  I started but B12 Deficiency thought otherwise Fortunately at the moment in January  2013 I am almost back to normal but I still need to rest for long periods so hopefully I shall have the time to pursue this blog.

As I said in 2012 I shall tell the truth as I see it. I am not going to go in for character assassinations so my friends and family even if you have been off colour occasionally need have no fear.  Your reputation is safe with me. Also if you can be bothered to look you will get to know the real me and not the one that you see socially when good manners and  tact will tie my tongue.

Mark you once dead all gloves are off and belief systems look out! I never discuss these in social situations as I hate embarrassing my friends so my religiously challenged friends may care to skip these pages.

If I can I shall supply references but all will be true, I was raised as a good catholic girl.

So fingers for 2013 crossed and here goes. I'll start with an easy one. My mother's bravery, sense of humor and determination in the face of adversity tomorrow.

A very Happy New Year 2013 and go out and smell the roses and come along for the ride.

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