Thursday, 10 January 2013

Miles Heffernan GP Oxon Only the Best

Miles Heffernan GP at Epidaurus
Dr Miles Richard Castlhow Heffernan (1929-2002) was a character! He was universally liked by patients and friends and had the self confidence only available to those lucky enough to be male and educated at the very best of British Public Schools and universities. He was not handsome but he was gorgeous. He had the most attractive Oxford accent. He was rather like the actor Richard Wattis.

Miles had his own philosophy on life. It was quite simple Life is short and There is only time the Best! Miles knew what he liked and he knew The Best! He also believed that Life is for Living and Miles lived his life by these precepts. He lived simply and considering how brilliant he was conservatively.

Miles was stubborn and very condescending on occasions. If you made what he considered a silly remark you would get a look  and you would be dismissed. I was once stupid enough to say that I didn't enjoy Wagner. Miles countered with 'That's the problem with middle class girls, they are uneducated'. This was said in the middle of Queen's Ice Rink while skating a waltz. A few Three's later and he said 'Sorry there is not much you can say to that. Would you like to come to the opera tonight at the ENO?' I did.

In all forms of Art Miles started at the top and worked down. He started with the finest literature, Shakespeare, Proust, Tolstoy. He had no time for Dickens. In music he had a short list of greats, Mozart, Berlioz, Wagner, Schoenberg. Brahms and Puccini were never mentioned. Being a man of science Darwin was a particular favorite and Miles liked Freud, the complete works were on the shelf. I think Miles may have been wrong about Freud!

Miles spent hours in the London art galleries and had a love of architecture. His weak spot was dance. Miles loved to dance hence his life long love of ice dancing and he always bowed to my knowledge of ballet.

But Miles hated modern medicine. He had been forced into it as a profession by his TB specialist father Patrick Heffernan Tipperary (1879-1971). In his surgery Miles was rather like Martin Clunes in Doc Martin. Miles had a lovely bedside manner but woe betide the patient who arrived just as the doctor was leaving for Covent Garden.

How did I, a very pretty uneducated but his standards,blonde come to marry this paragon of learning? I suppose it was a bit like Arthur Miller marrying Marilyn Monroe. It was because I was very intelligent and if pointed in the right direction I would be a suitable life's companion. Much to both our surprise we had a very happy marriage.

As Miles only bothered with The Best I am still very flattered the he chose me!

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