Sunday 1 January 2012

Introducing the Real Janette Miller

There is no doubt about it I have lived a very Strange life. I have known the high's and the very lows.  I am nearing the end now and I am no longer useful but I have a grand daughter who lives far away on another island who will never know me other than as a Fairy Grandmother whom she will visit occasionally.

I never really knew anything about both sets of my grandparents and in truth I knew little about my mother and father either. My family was very good at secrets. It is only in the last ten years with the advent of Genes Reunited, Ancestry and the access to family documents that I have found out their antecedents. My grandparents and parents never talked about their families and I wondered why. I was not surprised at what I found, in fact I was delighted but I feel sure none of them wanted me to know where they came from. They kept it a secret.

I am just going to try to add a page a day. I am going to skip around and I shall try to be as truthful as I can without hurting anyone, so if you have met me in life and were not particularly nice to me I shall use a pseudonym  for you until you die.  People who were not nice can rest assured I shall be discreet.

Once I read an autobiography by Joan Collins. I was acquainted with her personal life as I was around  'Stop the World I want to Get Off'  at the Queens during the time that she was left by Anthony Newley for one of the Baker Twins with whom I went to school.  Marti Webb was in the cast and Marti was my best friend although it was not she that filled me in. Collins was extremely truthful as the tale was not flattering to anyone involved but I guessed if she was truthful about that episode she was possibly truthful about the rest of her story.

I am going to do the same. If you know that I am telling the truth in the bits that concern you, you can be fairly sure the rest is the truth too. I shall never deliberately mislead if I can avoid it but one or two events I shall have to take a rain check until a later date.

I shall try to write 200 pages this year which is just the right size to have my blog printed for Alice. Like all children my daughter is not interested in the immediate family past so unless I write it down Alice is never going to know. I shall not be dealing with my daughter's grown up life either. We parted formal company when she was 17. Since then my daughter has lived her own life and made me very proud. If I mention her achievements, without any help from me I might add, she will be cross.

Some events I wrote down long ago. I have always kept a diary on and off so I have the memories of the day fresh in  my mind..Like all performing artists I have had  triumphs and disasters. The disasters have hurt but have been balanced out by enjoyable highs, the sort of highs that I take for granted but are by no means the norm in ordinary life.

I have met and loved some truly amazing men. I have had to amass a vast amount of skills just to continue in the work force. I have never had the luxury of being allowed to stay in one discipline for long but again it make's life interesting.

Each page will be self contained and as I said I shall leap around. I may even include pages from my Janette Miller blog. NO need to do the job twice.

So as starter here is a YouTube of some of the work I did in New Zealand. Sadly only one production when I worked in London has survived but it was one to die for. I am going to avail myself of Fair Use copyright  and as I met and knew many famous characters of my day that some of this copy will be useful for archiving. Where possible I shall give references and evidence where I can as on one or two occasions the truth is hard to believe but nevertheless it happened.

It is quite daunting to look back on one's life but as my mother said if you just take any task in tiny bits eventually you get there. So here goes Alice! Now where to start.

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