Friday 13 November 2020

Art theft problems New Zealand 2020

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© janette miller

I am not the only person to be affected by forgeries and knock offs. The BNZ & Auckland Art galleries have bought or been gifted unauthorised copies of my commissioned artworks both being sold under "buyer beware". 

I had to go to court to find out which was expensive for all the parties concerned. I too was the victim of a forged letter which looks very convincing until you know the address and the signature are incorrect.  My case defence relied on this letter as evidence. 

It seems buyers of NZ art need to be very careful of provenance. Do not buy unless you check the title. Make sure the artwork is signed even though sold by the artist's agent and it is not a commissioned work. Buying of an agent is fraught with dangers of the Sale of Goods Act 1908 I thought I was the only one. There you go!